One of the first things we ask our clients is "What do you need, what do you want for your life and what can we do to create the support you need to achieve your goals?" Sadly, almost every one of our clients says that no one has ever asked them those simple questions. City Recovery was built on the very principal of "collaboration." It is only through a respectful and understanding collaboration between provider and client that one can ever form the connection needed to create and sustain lasting change.


Many companies talk about ethics yet very few have a sustained record of providing Sober Living, Rehab or Mental Health services with a perfect safety record. City Recovery’s core principal is to change the industry forever. City Recovery operates with the philosophy that not only do we ‘claim ethics’, we put it in writing.

City Recovery created the industry’s first 10 Questions to ask any Sober Living and Treatment Provider and 7 signs you’re being scammed. City Recovery will put it in writing. Tragically, families are at their most vulnerable when seeking Sober Living, Rehab or Mental Health services. Sadly, new start-ups, unscrupulous providers and ‘bottom line’ treatment centers know this. They use scare tactics or soft, vague and ambiguous language to sway families away from asking the tough and life saving questions about who they really are. How long they have worked in the field and what their specific expertise, credentials and training protocols are. City Recovery not only provides those answers up front, but puts it in writing.

80% of people relapse after completing a traditional 30 day clinical in patient rehab program.
It's proven that with additional support services, the chance of relapse is less than half.

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