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Drug Rehab in Chicago- We Provide the Best Medical Answers to Alcohol and Drug Treatment

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Rehabs are everywhere and a quick search shows that its almost impossible to tell online who to trust and where to go for help.  Serving Chicago with the best possible MD’s and PHD’s to address all underlying medical and mental health issues that contribute to addiction is the foundation we built to combat those fears.  Patients and families deserve to have the top minds in the country and the best graduates of Chicago universities to combat the largest killer of Americans under 50.  Building a team of experts and utilizing cutting-edge treatments is what you and your family need for best possible chance for success.

A look at our Services

Our drug rehab treatment approach in Chicago is the first of its kind.  whether its bringing more to the detox process than just another round drugs or working with PHD’s to combat dual diagnosis issues, we are committed to open dialogue about what works and what doesn’t for each individual and family. We staff medical professionals who also have thriving practices in the Chicago community to help support our patients even after they leave our intensive programs.  Building a community of support that will last longer than 28 days is the only way to give someone a fighting chance against the largest issue Americans face today.

These days treatment is more about forcing the patient to conform to what is “supposed” to work rather than collaborating with them to find what actually does. Mental health issues have reached a new crisis as many people go undiagnosed by well-meaning but less experienced inpatient staff that do most of the hands on, daily treatment after an initial PHD or MD signs off on the treatment protocol.  We believe our patients and families should have access to these types of medical professionals at all times. We believe our drug rehab center in Chicago is unique in its approach and based on medical and scientific evidence gives you or your loved on the best possible chance at success.

How do we work?

We have an experienced team that looks at all the possible factors possible in a patient’s treatment.  We also offer solutions for complicated work, school and family lives that don’t fit into a traditional recovery program.  We don’t tell patients and families that they have to do it the same way as everyone else and we offer everything from IV Treatment Detox, Residential Treatment, Partial Hospitalization (PHP), Intensive Outpatient (IOP), to bespoke individual and family therapy programs.

Our clinical and medical staff delivers actual diagnosis prepared by medical experts that stay with you throughout your time in treatment and in private practice once you’ve finished.  Creating a bond with the highest level medical professionals in the industry doesn’t end at 30, 60, or 90 days, our staff is committed to helping you for as long as necessary.  Leaving the comfort and care of inpatient treatment or the daily routine of IOP doesn’t mean that you have to return home to start all over again with someone new or try and find a treatment team that understands your history.  Building the collaborative connection to our patients and families is the key to our success rates and is the difference between us other 28 day rehab centers.