Drug Rehab New York City

Not All Drug Rehabs in New York City Can Help You After 28 Days

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What happens once you leave the bubble of 28 day treatment?  How do you go back to a normal life without substances?  How do you deal with family and friends once you’re back?  We at City Recovery can help you answer all these questions and prepare a bespoke treatment plan that takes into account your entire life-not just your addiction issues.

Rehab programs can’t solve everything

While taking the first step to get sober and entering rehab is the best possible step you can take, what’s next?  What if your life is impossible to leave for 30-90 days?  What if you need another solution that doesn’t fit the cookie cutter programs that require you to leave your family, works and friends for  months at a time?  What most people don’t know is that there are other solutions. We work with individuals and families to create bespoke alternatives to traditional drug and alcohol treatment programs.  Nothing works the same for everyone, and we at City Recovery are determined to work with you to help find a unique solution.

Know What’s Available to You

Do a quick internet search for addiction and you’ll be overwhelmed by the results. From detox, to outpatient, IOP, PHP, Inpatient, DBT, CBT, how do you decide what works for you or even where to start? We work with everyone in the city and we have helped thousands of families and clients find a unique treatment solution specific to their issues.  Mental health testing, finding a psychiatrist or therapist, cognitive disorders, we regularly refer and recommend hundreds of treatment partners in the New York area. Just as all rehabs don’t work for everyone, we might not always be the right fit, but we will do our best to find you the place that works for you.  Our drug rehab solutions in New York City use the best and brightest minds within our company to the top practitioners from multiple programs outside of ours.

How to Choose a rehab program

As treatment options continue to grow and as more Americans are struggling with addiction, choosing where to get help is just as important as deciding to end the cycle of addiction.  We at City Recovery believe in a medical approach working with both MD’s and PHD’s to bring the latest in modern medicine to an incredibly outdated treatment world.  We can help you choose the right program, or create one for you with our unparalleled staff and network of medical professionals. Let us help you navigate a bloated industry and determine underlying medical and mental health factors to find the right treatment approach for you and your family.