Talk is cheap, so they say.

Actually, if you break down the hourly cost of therapy sessions, some might argue that talk is pretty pricey. And we’re not arguing that it’s not worth its monetary value—in fact, hundreds of studies point to the fact that counseling is an effective treatment for all sorts of conditions.

But talk alone isn’t enough.

With over one hundred years combined of sobriety, the team at Serenity knows that there’s only so much progress that can be made by discussing an issue, communicating feelings, or talking through problems. Ultimately, a person seeking recovery still needs to wake up in the morning and make a choice to physically empty out the vodka bottles, delete the toxic contacts from the cell phone, or make the call to reach out for help.

This can be said of treating any mental disease, but it might be truest of addiction, which is such a physical affliction. Think about it: regardless of the underlying causes of an addict’s behavior, the addiction itself manifests in actions and does real, physical damage to the body. It’s the only mental disease besides eating disorders for which there is an often necessary medical phase—detox—and for which the physical state of the body plays such a crucial role. After all, if your body is impaired by substances, you can’t make progress toward treating the mental components of the disease.

Addiction hijacks our bodies and minds to take over our behaviors; and we can’t begin to regain control of the former without changing the latter.

Aptly, in the studies mentioned above, the therapeutic techniques that showed the most success tended to be those with behavioral components—think CBT, DBT, or exposure therapy—that move beyond the sphere of words and into the world of action.

Because you can talk ‘til the cows come home, but it’s only when you place that glass back on the table or flush that powder down the toilet that habits can really start to change.

The great news is that you can take most of these actions today, right now even. So let’s stop talking about it. Just do it.

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