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Medical Detox Chicago- We Take A Medical Approach to Addiction

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Detoxing is an uncomfortable and delicate process for a patient and nothing new has been introduced to the market for years to help improve the experience. Most traditional detoxes only apply a “taper down” to address your cravings without working to identify underlying symptoms. At City Recovery we work with top MD’s and nurses to bring an extra level of attention to the cause of your addiction. Traditional detox facilities all look the same and use the same modalities. Our doctors use IV therapy, NAD+, vitamin supplementation, rehydration, and other medical treatments to address the entire patient and their medical issues, reducing withdrawal symptoms and giving a much higher chance of success.

Cutting-Edge Treatment – Most patients are reluctant to stop taking drugs not because thy are enjoying the effect of the high anymore, but because the withdrawal symptoms are unbearable. For dozens of years, the same modalities have been used in the same settings to help people detox from drugs and alcohol without introducing any new ways to reduce suffering and painful symptoms. We at City Recovery are excited to introduce a new way to detox in luxury with special care and attention paid to your symptoms and their causes. Our doctors can prescribe medical taper-down drugs in addition to creating bespoke vitamin, NAD+, rehydration and nutrient supplementation that will help reduce your withdrawal symptoms. We look at the body as a whole to figure out how we can not only shorten the process abut make it more successful. NAD+, a naturally occurring protein in your body, has recently been featured in a vast array of publications including Time Magazine for its extraordinary health benefits. Isn’t it time for these newest medical advances to be prescribed for the largest issue facing America today? .

Addressing the physical and mental aspect of addiction – The problems of addiction are never simple. To only deal with physical cravings and not address underlying medical causes is setting an individual up for failure.  Our onsite CASAC counselors work with you in-between doctors appointments and IV therapy to address any drug and alcohol related mental health issues and to offer support during a confusing time.  Too often the body and the mind are treated separately in addiction treatment.  Having an MD on site for one-on-one consolations and care and knowledgeable counselors to relate to is the key to getting the right start in your treatment process.

No Nursing Home Setting – We proved a beautiful setting to deal with the painful process of physical detoxing.  All amenities are at your fingertips and our prices are the same as regular detox.  Combined with the higher level of care our doctors provide, credentialed CASAC counseling support, and IV therapy to address physical side effects of prolonged drug abuse, there’s no better detox facility in Chicago.  Our treatment team will meet with you and your family to offer introductions to next steps and continue to support you once your withdrawal is complete.