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Medical Detox New York City- We Take A Medical Approach to Addiction

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Most traditional detoxes work by treating the symptoms of withdrawal and do not address any underlying, medical issues.. Most inpatient detoxes apply a “taper down”of prescription drugs to replace the illegal or overused narcotics or alcohol without addressing fatigue, dehydration, nutritional depletion and more side effects of chronic drug use. Most of this takes place in an uncomfortable and unattractive setting. At City Recovery we work proved all the extra care a person needs while going through a difficult withdrawal while top MD’s and nurses work to make sure all of your medical needs are being addressed. Our doctors prescribe bespoke treatments in addition to taper down drugs that include IV therapy, NAD+, vitamin restoration, rehydration and nutrient supplementation. We work to address the entire patient and their medical issues, reducing withdrawal symptoms and giving a much higher chance of success with less discomfort.

Cutting-Edge Treatment – Too often, people trying to quit drugs on their own will only replace the substance they are on with something else. This may be how its been treated for decades by professionals in the industry, but it has been proven to be ineffective at treating addiction permanently. We, at City Recovery, believe its time to try something new. Work with our doctors to try cutting-edge ways to improve withdrawal symptoms without just relying on prescriptions. Our doctors can prescribe what’s needed and also create bespoke vitamin, NAD+, and other comprehensive treatments to replenish and rebuild your body’s physical chemistry while you’re suffering the effects of withdrawal. We look at the body as a whole to figure out how we can best shorten the process and make it more successful.

Treating all aspects of addiction – No one thing can accurately be diagnosed as someone’s cause of addiction. To truly identify and address these issues it takes a team of qualified experts who understand and have patience with the process. Our Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselors (CASAC) work with patience and compassion around doctors appointments and IV therapy to offer support and a knowing guide to the process. It isn’t enough to just treat the body during this difficult time, mental suport is an important part of the care. Having our entire team of MDs, Nurse Practitioners and CASACs on site offers a total wellness approach to help heal and lessen suffering through a difficult time.

No Nursing Home Setting – “Luxury” is a key term thrown around regularly in the detox industry.  City Recovery is not an updated nursing home.  We proved a beautiful, small population setting to deal with the painful process of physical detoxing.  All amenities are at your fingertips and our prices are the same as regular detox and lower than other “luxury” detoxes.  Combined with the higher level of care our doctors provide, credentialed CASAC counseling support, and IV therapy to address physical side effects of prolonged drug abuse, there’s no better detox facility in New York.