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If you are experiencing drug and alcohol cravings, even after multiple attempts to stop, you may need detox and even rehab.  Prolonged periods of use combined with an attempt to quit can cause serious harm to your body as your entire system has grown dependent on these substances to function.  Most rehabs are at least 10 days of detox that only offer a tapering down of substances while providing no medical assistance for the root of your diagnosis. Once a person is clear of substances after 10 days that means they only get 18 more days to fix issues that have taken decades to create.  The is why traditional rehab centers have been proven ineffective against the largest killer of American’s under the age of 50.

There are many places to choose from to start your recovery from drugs and alcohol, but choosing a rehab center that is a fit for you is very important. Our rehabilitation center in Chicago provides PHD level professionals and medical doctors to assist with the underlying issues that contribute to addiction.  Don’t let them tell you its your fault and you have to have the will to stop, most addiction issues stem from underlying physical and mental health conditions and it takes the best medical and psychiatric care to truly address those ailments before anyone has a chance to will themselves to succeed at anything.


Diagnosis of outpatient and inpatient

Our rehabilitation center in Chicago offers a bespoke diagnosis program to each and every patient. Outpatient diagnosis with our team includes all aspects of your mental and physical health.  In addition to inpatient facilities, we have the capabilities to work around family, office, commitments and real-life issues that can’t always be put on hold for 30-90 days.  We keep PHD’s on staff that can also see you in private practice so that any real connection to your treatment team can be continued even after you move on from inpatient or outpatient treatment. Our MD’s use cutting edge medical solutions including NAD+ to let clients get the best head start on beginning their lives without substances and feel that there is a real medical answer to their debilitating symptoms.

Dual-diagnosis patients have a better chance of success when underlying mental health issues are addressed with as much attention as substance abuse.  Working on the underlying cause instead of trying to just combat the symptoms is what makes sense in the medical world, and at City Recovery, we work to bring you the best medical solutions to your diagnosis.

PHD Patient and Family Counseling

The effects of addiction and mental illness don’t just cause damage in patient’s lives, they effect the whole family.  Marriages, children, businesses, friends and colleagues can all suffer irreparable harm from the years or months spent dealing with these issues on your own.  With so much at stake, having the best and brightest minds with the most education and oversight is the only way to not waste precious time once you or a loved one become committed to getting well.  All of our PHD’s can continue to work with our clients once they’ve moved on from inpatient or outpatient services.  Breaking the bond of a trusted psychiatric guide when you leave treatment can only work against a patient’s success.  Many people who have left rehab centers far from home find reconnecting to professional help daunting and difficult and contribute this to an inability to stay sober.  City Recovery is committed to helping patients find success the first time, and removing outdated staffing mentalities and modalities is the only way to combat what hasn’t been working on find a real solution.

Community Support

City Recovery is committed to working with patients in the Chicago community.  Helping to build a real recovery program where our patients live is a major factor in our success rates.  Making connections and rebuilding your life is almost impossible after only 28 days sober.  We work with clients continuously after they receive treatment with us, we don’t just let patients and families walk out the door without a support system in place and expect them to succeed on their own.  We support local charities that provide community events, groups, and support and we work to make sure our clients are thriving and functioning not just struggling silently.  They say to stay clean you just have to change one thing: everything.  We’re here to help you with it all and in new ways that haven’t reached mainstream treatment centers yet by offering you multiple choices and multiple solutions from PHD’s and doctors who study the latest modalities to help find what really works for you.