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There are many signs and symptoms to try and sort through when looking at a loved one struggling with addiction.  How can you tell if they’re actually being truthful?  Why does it seem like what they say doesn’t match what they do?  How can you police a grown adult with no experience in this area and with an entire life of your own to live?

After 15 years of helping families, our dedicated and amazing staff knows how to help you answer all these questions and find the right solution specific to your loved one.  Not every treatment center is right for all patients, in fact, most patients fail after one attempt at getting clean.  There are surprisingly very limited options for a rehabilitation center in New York City, most New Yorkers are required to go outside of the city for help with their addiction issues.  We’ve been putting together treatment options for therapy, IOP, PHP, and extended care  treatment for thousands of families in NYC and know the best and brightest to help you.

Not everyone can leave the city for a Rehabilitation Center

Busy lives, extended families and hi-profile jobs are just a few of the many reasons traditional 28 day treatment isn’t always an option.  Removing patients from the most important aspects their lives may also be detrimental to a person’s recovery.  Alternatives to a rehabilitation center do exist in New York City. This is why you must look at all factors in your loved one’s diagnosis and exhaust all options with a qualified company to help you navigate everything available to date. Our staff and network of associates are here to help and no matter how difficult you think your situation is, we’ve seen it and we have proven solutions.

What is the Actual Success Rate of rehab centers?

If you do an internet search to try and find this information, you’ll be linked to a number of “articles” on treatment center websites.  At City Recovery, we work with medical doctors and PHD’s to track and support with evidence what works and what doesn’t.  28 days is not enough for someone to change their whole life and treatment centers know it.  City Recovery is dedicated to finding the right amount of care and support with the right providers and options for the best possible chance of success at every stage in recovery.  That means accepting what doesn’t work at the same time as working to find what does.  Too many families and clients have come to us feeling like a failure because the traditional treatment world tells them it should work when they know that it doesn’t.

Even the most well-meaning person in sobriety can help someone if the person is willing, but with the stakes as high as they are, why would you trust someone with a few years sober or a 4 year degree to help your loved one?  You’re going to take to a newly graduated social worker to combat the most confusing and  unsuccessful billion dollar industry in the US? What we believe is missing in the treatment world and especially in after-care is a willingness to look at success rates for addiction treatment and do more than blame the patient for not conforming to outdated treatment modalities.  Its time to come up with something new, and that’s our goal.  We want to change the treatment industry forever and we want to start with you.